Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church
931 West Maple Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Services at 10:
00 a.m. Sundays


Our Purpose:
To bring Jesus to our neighbors where they are and to grow together in our love for
God and one another.


Our Vision:
We see a church led by the fire of the Holy Spirit burning inside us, fueled
by our growing relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord.
We see people of every age, race, and walk of life joining together to freely
worship God our Father and joyfully serve the community.
We see the Body of Christ bringing hope for the hopeless, life to the dead,
release for the captive and the unconditional love of Christ to our neighbors
throughout the world.


Our Mission:
Radiating love, hope and new life in Christ.


Our Values:
We are all about being Spirit-filled disciples of Christ. Therefore, we are ...
Biblical in beliefs, unorthodox in practice.
Passionately living out the Word of God beyond the church walls.
Saturated with the power of prayer.
Possessed by the love of God for all people.
Fearless to go where God sends us
Our "with-ness" leads to our witness.

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