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Day 35                                                                   Psalm 28


     As we were concluding our men’s Bible study, Dan left a lasting impression with his prayer:  “Lord, keep shining Your light so we will not wander off and be lost in the darkness.” That seems to be the thought conveyed by the psalmist in Psalm 28:1. It’s as if he’s saying, “Keep talking to me, Lord.  Keep shining Your light before me so I don’t wander down the wrong path and get lost in the dark.”


    I remember a Boy Scout campout (my only Boy Scout campout) when some of the older boys led the “new scouts” into the woods far from our cabins and then took off running, yelling “good luck finding your way back!”  I can still remember how scared we were. None of us had flashlights. Our “guides” had taken them. It was pitch black outside and there was a feeling of hopelessness. We wondered how we could find our way back without any light.


     We began to grope in the darkness for what seemed like hours.  Stumbling over logs and falling into bushes, we searched for the light of our cabin.  Finally, one of the boys shouted, “there it is!” We all ran to the sound of his voice.  Sure enough, through the distant trees we saw a glimmer of light.


     Isn’t that how it is when we wander away from the Lord?  We are surrounded by darkness and filled with fear. We long to hear His voice and see a glimmer of that light.  Then, true to His word, the Lord speaks. It may be through the Bible or through another person or directly to us through prayer, but there is no mistaking His voice.


     “Do not turn a deaf ear to me.  For if you remain silent, I will be like those who have gone down to the pit” (Psalm 28:1).


     Such prayers are very appropriate when we are feeling separated from God for whatever reason.  We can and should call out to the Lord when we are afraid or find ourselves wandering in a sense of darkness.  Above all, we do not want to stop praying.

Our desire to hear God’s voice again will invite the Light into our lives.  God will not remain silent when His children are reaching out to Him. Even if we are not hearing His voice for a period of time, He can still hear ours. Keep calling out to Him and He know that, at the proper time, He will answer.  


     As Dan prayed, “Lord, keep shining Your light so we will not wander off and be lost in the darkness.”  Jesus is the Light who will chase the darkness away.  Continue to call on Him in all situations.