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Day 34                                         Exodus 3:1 – 4:17


     Have you ever argued with God in your prayers?  There have been times when my prayer time has seemed more like a WWF bout than a peaceful meeting with the Lord.  Every time this has occurred, the reason for the conflict is my unwillingness to see things God’s way. My point of view (which, to be sure, is severely limited compared to God’s) had me entrenched in a belief about myself or the situation at hand that hindered my ability to see things any other way.


     There is an amazingly similar encounter between Moses and God is found in Exodus 3 and 4.  In short, this is what happened: God told Moses, “I’ve come to rescue my people from slavery.”  Moses was thrilled to hear it, but his “thrill” was short lived. It turned from thrill to chill when God told him how He planned on rescuing His people: “Moses,” He said, “I’m sending you.”


     Moses blew a gasket.  He resisted God on five fronts:  identity, authority, acceptance, competence, and volition.  Have you ever resisted God in any of these areas?  In your conversations with God, how many times have you used the words, “But, God”?  When Moses used these words, we can understand why. The task God asked him to do was huge!  Consider just the first of Moses’ reasons for not wanting to obey and serve: identity.  “Who am I that I should do this?” Moses asked.  He felt unworthy and unprepared – not necessarily without reason.  He was unworthy and unprepared for such a task.  But that was not really the issue. The issue was that God called him to do it.  In other words, it was an identity issue.  Moses’ question, “Who am I” in Exodus 3:11 is not the right question.  The proper question would have been, “Who is calling me?” Moses missed the fact that God had the right to call anyone He chooses and He chose Moses.  Moses was God’s servant. God, being both understanding and patient, promised Moses in verse 12, “I will be with you.”


     Do you ever struggle with feeling unworthy or unprepared to do some of the things that God asks you to do?  At those times when we feel the most unworthy or unprepared, we need to learn to ask the right question. It is not, “Who am I,” but rather “Whose am I?  Who is calling me to serve?”  When we remind ourselves that it is God for whom we are doing this,, then we can also remember that – just as He promised Moses, so he has promised us –  He will be with us.  Jesus has promised us in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Our identity is in the One who is with us always, Jesus Christ our Lord. He will never send us out alone, but will always be with us, and He will supply all that we need to do what he asks of us.  


     If you find yourself wrestling with God in prayer because He is asking you to do something you feel unqualified to do, remember this:  Rather than ask "Who am I," remind yourself Whose you are.  You are a child of the King and He will provide all that you need to accomplish all that He desires. When you pray, remember this and be thankful.