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Day 16                                                                Matthew 28:16-17


     Only a sincere believer can have sincere doubts.  You cannot doubt what you don’t truly believe in the first place.  When you take a step of faith toward Christ and pursue Him with your heart, you will naturally go through times of questioning.  It is during such times when we seek to verify whether our faith is properly placed or not.  

     But the doubts that arise in us create an uncomfortable tension.  We like it when everything is copacetic – when all is as it should be and there are no loose ends.  The thing is, when everything in life goes well for an extended period, we can tend to go into auto pilot.  We will cruise along without giving much thought to God or our faith and, without realizing it, begin to drift away.  While God is not always the cause of conflicts or trials, He nonetheless will allow us to endure such times in order that we will have doubts with which we must wrestle.  He doesn’t abandon us in these times.  He is still there and will respond to our questions, but His timing may not coincide with our desires.  The result:  We must face our doubts and exercise our faith in dark times while waiting on the Lord.

     What is most disconcerting about our dark days is the emotional toll they have on us.  In fact, if we let our feelings into the driver’s seat, they will steer us toward despair and further darkness, not to hope and the light we knew before.  David Winter’s advice is well taken: “Never doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light.”  We must hold fast to the truth – more importantly, hold fast to the Truth – during our darkest times because we have found Him to be faithful in other moments of our lives.  Our emotions can complement our good times, but they are never an appropriate compass at any time.  Faith must continue to be our guide at all times.

     It is interesting how, when Jesus appeared to his followers after His resurrection, that some still doubted. They had moved beyond doubt when Jesus was arrested and led to the cross.  They had lost hope when Jesus was crucified.  Not only were they led emotionally astray, but their faith in Christ as the Messiah was driven away by the doubts created by the circumstances.  So, even when they again saw Jesus with their own eyes, the doubts remained.  They couldn’t overcome the emotional carnage experienced.

     What are we to do when the darkness is so thick that we cannot see at all?  “Never doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light.”  Hold on to what your mind and heart know is true even when the current circumstances cause you to doubt.  Remember what you have learned and experienced before.  Let the Word of God speak truth to your soul.  Listen as the Holy Spirit points out the lies of the enemy who is trying to lead you away from the Light.  And do not withdraw from the Body. Let fellow believers come alongside you and walk with you through the darkness.  

     Remember that you would never have sincere doubts if you weren’t a sincere believer.  The One in whom you believe promised He would be with us always.  Whether you feel His presence or not, trust that He is faithful and true.  As you work through the doubts, you will discover He has been there all along and been leading you back into the light.