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Day 10                                                            Psalm 145:1-16


     Do you remember the Ivory soap ad that claimed it was “99 and 44/100ths percent pure”?  That is how I would describe Abraham’s faith. In the fourth chapter of Romans, Paul wrote that Abraham’s faith was “against all hope.”  The circumstances looked hopeless.  I mean, really, what 100-year-old man believes he and his 90-year-old wife can have a child?  It was beyond the realm of possibility.  It seemed humanly impossible.  Yet, against all odds, Abraham remained hopeful, even beyond his doubts.  He believed in God’s promise even when there was no rational way it could happen.    


     In I Corinthians 13:13, we read, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”  While these words are very true, let’s not forget how intertwined the three are in a believer’s life.  Our love for Christ is the springboard for our hope.  Faith is the glue holding hope and love together.   Our faith deepens as we grow in our love for God and our hope broadens as this love and faith expand.

Faith is not merely a tool that we exercise for our own wants and desires as some, unfortunately, believe.  It is also not just wishful thinking for the impossible.  Faith is a deep-seated trust in the One who has demonstrated His great love for us over and over again.  It is the trust that, even when things are not going well and may seem impossible, we maintain because we believe in both His ability and His concern for our well-being.

Sheila Walsh writes about a discussion that Mother Theresa had with a gentleman about prayer.

    “There’s a strong instinct in every human soul to want to understand everything and know what we are saying yes to.  When ethicist John Kavanaugh spent three months in Calcutta with Mother Teresa at ‘the house of the dying,’ she asked him how she might serve him.  He asked for her prayers.  She asked him what he wanted her to pray for, and he said, ‘For clarity.’  She replied, ‘No, I will not do that.  Clarity is the last thing you are clinging to and you must let go of it.’

    “It’s hard to take our hands off the things we long to ‘fix’ and trust God to do what only He can do.  Or give in even when we’re scared of the outcome.  To some, the rewards may not seem worth it.  But if we cannot allow our prayer life to reflect our absolute belief in God’s will in our lives, we’re never really committing to Him, are we?”  [Sheila Walsh, Get Off Your Knees & Pray (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008), 151]


     It’s not unusual for us to want to see God’s will laid out very clearly for us before we are willing to move forward.  Yet, that’s not how God works in our lives.  He calls us to go forward in faith, believing that if He has told us to do something, we can trust Him with the outcome.

Maybe there is something in our life right now that seems hopeless.  Or perhaps you are concerned for someone else’s situation that is out of control.  Remember the One you love also loves you.  He reminds us that with Him, all things are possible (Mark 10:27).   Place your trust in Him, exercising your faith, and see how faithful our Lord is.