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  1. Lynette Hess says:

    Great read, Craig! I’ve recently started this. Loving the closeness I feel with out Lord!

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  3. Corey says:

    Thank you for taking time to write these, looking up scripture, and using real life situations to help get the point across

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  5. Profile photo of Gary Goodsell

    Amen, Pastor Craig!

    I think it may be too late to reverse the decline in our country, but that does not mean it is time to stop praying for it and working for it. We must be the salt and light in our country for Jesus Christ!

    Let us love our country deeply,
    Love our families sacrificially,
    But Love The Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength!

  6. Corey Jamieson says:

    The Good News is that Christ took all of this to the Cross. We still have favor with God, thru Christ, however there is an action required. That is repentance. I cry out to Him in shame and remorse, and He hears me. In my weakness, please Father, show your strength. Im forgiven and I recieve your forgiveness. And….thru You Abba, I forgive myself. ……..Simple. Not easy. Our God is an awesome God. He REIGNS !!!!!

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  8. This really met a need for me today. I love C.S. Lewis’ works and how Aslan is a symbol for Christ in the Chronicles of Narnia books. I fear that too often I have mistaken the God’s Roar for a passing truck or indigestion. In other words, I have been too much enthralled in the flesh, not living in the Spirit, to recognize God’s displeasure with my choices or ignoring where He wants me to go. I need to listen closely for that Roar. Thanks for reminding me to do that today! I need to come when He Roars.

  9. corey jamieson says:

    Service is the key for me. …oh and forgiveness..ugh. Im glad its a decision and not a feeling. I must remember to decide to fo4rgive, eventually I will feel it and mean it. I also know that God has given me clear instructions on who I should and should not hang out with. Lord please grant me the grace, one day at a time to follow our instructions. Like a child, its for my good, and I will Glorify You God..Good reading today. It goes along w meeting I went to. Lord, you can put stuff right in my face sometimes and I cant see it. Help me, Abba. To hear your still quiet voice. Amen. And Pastor, thanx for taking time to do these. Be blessed

  10. corey jamieson says:

    Courage seems to be the theme for me this week. Keep on keepin on. Thank you and YOU keep on keepin on…too

  11. corey jamieson says:

    I love this. Im so glad others have obeyed and followed thru with prayers. A card at just the right time. And even a txt msg. Take the time and do it. You will find Joy in encouraging others. And thank you for prayer and encouragmnt. I am living proof of others prayer and encouragmnt. I LOVE MY FOREVER FAMILY

  12. sherry says:

    We try to be good hosts by standing to welcome a treasured guest into our presence. In my heart I feel the Lord, being humble as his actions on earth showed, would stand to welcome his faithful into his Father’s house.

  13. This is good. Too often I am concerned about my own float in the parade. I need to refocus on whos parade it is and whom I must be imitating: Jesus Christ himself. Thanks for this excelent reminder and refocusing devotion!

  14. coery Jamieson says:

    With fear, I stepped out in faith, asking my Lord to guide me. I didnt have a plan, but in my spirit I knew God did. Everytime I stepped out He caught me. I prayed for “this ‘n that.” I had no address of my own. Then I was contacted about an apartment that opened up….a year earlier than what I was told. I realized I hadn’t been praying for a place to live, a place of my own. In horror, I prayed, “Lord Im so sorry I haven’t prayed.” I was just so sure that God already had a place for me. My faith sustained me. Yes, there was fear, but my faith is stronger.Fear and faith cannot coexist. When I finally found what He provided, I cried. His plans are better than mine. He does things that go beyond what I can imagine. Today, I encourage everyone to rely on Abba. Our Daddy loves us more than we can comprehend.

  15. Diane Watson says:

    My favorite part of this story is when Peter got free and came to see him, the girl answering the door shut it in his face to tell everyone he was there, and they did not believe her. They were surprised when their own prayers were answered!

  16. coery Jamieson says:

    If kfm prayed like this for Nick Bailes, it would be wonderful to see what Gods Power would do…His word says to remember those in prison God used a 6 yr old little red headed boy to bring me to Kfm. Please remember my son in prayer, as you pray with Gods son. Thank you

  17. coery Jamieson says:

    A big big table, with lots and lots of room. Thanks for the morning readings, this one even came with a song. Be blessed

  18. Diane Watson says:

    Thank you, Gary, for taking the time to post the sermons on the page. Heather and I could not be at church today, but we were able to listen to a past sermon and have “church” at home. We appreciate you! (excellent sermon, Craig Alan!) Diane

  19. coery Jamieson says:

    God just used this to speak to me. I have even been in those mountains. And He knows that. Lord I will keep on keepin on in faith. Let your light shine thru me. I am unexplainable apart from God

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  27. Corey Jamieson says:

    First I would like to thank you for taking time to do this. I do pray for a revival. Im looking forward to it and I hope and pray that i could participate in His service. Great message. Again, thank you. Be Blessed, you are Highly Favored

  28. Barbara Dearth says:

    I would like to thank Pastor Gary and KFM Church for being so welcoming. Since I have started to come to KFM I have been able to have a spirit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have a warm house, and be able to pay the rent. God feeds us one day at a time and for that I am so grateful. My son Adam has seen me happier after Service and Bible Study. I worry less about finances and am truly grateful that Adam and I, my daughter and her two beautiful babies aged 3 and I…have a safe and warm shelter. I know that God is with me and all things through Him are possible.
    I feel as if I have found a home.
    Barbara Dearth

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  31. Craig says:

    I agree with you – it’s a daily reminder that I need to remember to go WITH the Lord rather than fly solo or just ask Him to tag along. When I do, the day goes so much better!

  32. Craig says:

    Doc, as I read your blog, my thoughts went to many friends and family members who are today in the vey presence of Jesus – and I celebrated! I’m so happy for them and excited to think of the day when I’ll be in the very presence of Jesus with them! Thanks for the reminder. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

  33. Diane Watson says:

    Gary, it looks awesome!!! Thanks for getting this going! Love it!

  34. Gwen Steenhoven says:

    Love it, Love it, LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job with the website and I will be visiting it often. I praise our Lord for creating a very special and gifted Pastor Gary.

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